Woldumar's Team building Retreats & Activity Courses

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With a two-hour minimum, our team building programs may be scheduled as a standalone event or choose from half or full day sessions to complement your other events, such as a company in-service or a day of stewardship.

These programs highlight each individual's contribution as an essential element of the group's success. Contingent on the predetermined goals of the group, outcomes for participants include improved communication, trust, cooperation, and a stronger sense of camaraderie.

Woldumar's experienced staff lead participants through a variety of mental and physical challenges designed to build and test bonds between group members. After each activity, staff begin facilitated conversations to relate the challenge to real-world application and life skills.

Group Building Activities (GBA’s):

Low risk challenges and games improve communication and cooperation. GBAs take place inside or outside and challenge individuals, encourage social development and effective teamwork. May be paired with Challenge Course.

Challenge Course:

Medium perceived risk. Challenge activities constructed of cables or rope and wood. Participants spot for each other as they encourage, support, or lift teammates completing the challenge. Activities may involve balancing, lifting, or swinging. Safety instruction and warm-up activities are required prior to participation.

A minimum of ten participants may be in a group. Groups should consist of individuals in third grade or higher. Large groups may be split up for certain activities due to safety restrictions.

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