Woldumar's Teambuilding Ropes and Activities Courses

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Our TRAC program was developed more than a decade ago to help corporate teams develop trust, camaraderie, confidence, communication and leadership skills, and better appreciate the individual strengths and contributions of their team members. Today we serve local businesses, youth groups, sports teams, and a variety of social and fraternal organizations who want to improve their group dynamics.

Teambuilding -

Identify and explore your team's diverse strengths and communication styles in a classroom, conference room, or any indoor or outdoor space at Woldumar.

Ropes -

Challenge your group with physical and creative problem-solving tasks that highlight your group's varied talents and may include climbing, lifting and swinging but exclude no one based on physical ability. Our low ropes course is comfortably nestled in the peaceful seclusion of our White Pine Plantation.

Activities -

Keep your feet on the ground with low-risk, problem-solving initiatives and scenarios. These tasks can be conducted almost anywhere, indoors or out, and are a great way to build relationships and develop camaraderie among team members.

Courses -

More than fun and games (though we'll have fun and play some games), our courses draw on years of group building experience and training to meet your institutional goals and address your unique group development needs.

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Contact Program Director Dan Auer to discuss your group's needs and design a course just for you!

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