Post Image: Busy butterflies and bees
  • Sylvia Colles
  • 2 Sep 2019
  • Herb Garden

Busy butterflies and bees

Each time I’ve been weeding in Woldumar’s herb garden these last few weeks of summer, I’ve been tempted to trim the hyssop into a more hedge-like shape, but there are still small white butterflies working hard in the hyssop flowers.  The bees are buzzing in the anise hyssop (Agastache) and oregano.  The garlic chives are in full blossom and there are a few second blossoms in the regular chives. 

Practically all the seeds I started in the spring have survived except for angelica.  I blame it on the heavy clay soil when we had too much rain followed by the very dry spell that baked the clay soil hard as a rock.  Just like every other devoted (make that slightly crazy) gardener, I know there will be better weather next year.

There is still so much for you to enjoy in the garden.  The bench has space available. Come sit for a while!