Post Image: Late Summer Garden News
  • Sylvia Colles
  • 10 Aug 2019
  • Herb Garden

Late Summer Garden News

The bee balm (Monarada) is nearly finished blooming in the herb garden.  A few flowers have managed to escape through the fence. 

The lavender flowers of the anise hyssop (Agastache) are now in blossom. This plant is actually neither anise nor hyssop, but it does smell like anise. 

Also blooming are chamomile, yarrow, and feverfew.  The colors in the garden are not as vibrant as they are in the spring but are still lovely. 

A bench has been placed in the back corner of the garden.  It’s a perfect place to sit quietly and enjoy the peace of the garden. It’s also a perfect place for the herb garden weeder to sit and catch her breath!

Content provided with permission by Sylvia Colles. If you'd like to volunteer to help in the Herb Garden, download the volunteer form or just join us on one of the general workdays. Questions for Sylvia (about the garden) may be relayed by contacting; emails can be readily forwarded to her.
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