Spring Has Come to Woldumar! May 6, 2016

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trail through woodsSpring is a time to get out in nature! And today was a beautiful day – warm and sunny. So I took the opportunity to visit Woldumar; to see the wonderful historic buildings and to wander along the trails. The fruit trees were in full blossom in the central campus area, lending a spring beauty to the barn, the Moon Cabin and even the Sunrise Pavilion.




Spring was more evident in some areas than others. The pines are majestic all year round, but I liked the contrast provided by the spring green of the smaller bushes along the path. On the edge of the prairie, bushes’ new leaves were more evident than new growth in grasses or wildflowers. Ponds were skirted by lush new growth. Trees were sporting new leaves throughout the woods and an occasional flowering tree was delightful.

But my favorites are always the flowers and animals, and I was delighted to get a chance to see some today.

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