Playmakers/Subway Trail Run: A Huge Success!

Run SmallLast week, hundreds of individuals from all over the greater Lansing area came out to Woldumar to participate in the Playmakers Subway Summer Trail Series. After huddling under the Rotary Barn deck during a brief stint of rain, people sprawled across Woldumar’s main campus to engage in various pre-run rituals.

As the time neared 6:30pm, the brightly colored crowd gathered Kids running smallnear the starting line, ready to take on the trails. Woldumar’s newly appointed Executive Director, Kevin Wernet, took the microphone to thank the participants with a friendly greeting before jumping behind the line to join them. With a loud blast of the air horn, the crowd burst into motion as they set off on their journey.

Woldumar was the second of three runs in the series. The first run, hosted at Haslett High School, took place on their cross-country course near the end of June. The next run will be held at Falling Waters Trail in Jacksonon August 20. All of these runs are free, however donations are accepted to benefit the hosting organizations. Woldumar was able to raise over $300 through the generosity of participating runners and walkers, which will help us further our mission to educate people about the natural environment.

We would like to thank Playmakers, Subway, and our photographers Amie Lucas and Ursula Hoppe for helping to make this event a great success! Additional pictures of the event can be found on our Facebook page. If you would like to participate in a trail run at Woldumar, stay tuned for more information about our Run-A-Munk 5K Trail Run, coming up on November 7.