Team Building

Woldumar’s team building programs are led by experienced Naturalists who engage students in age-appropriate activities. Students learn community building and leadership skills through ground-based and low ropes initiatives. Students solve problems through communication, cooperation, and sheer determination. Debriefings focus on life applications. Special pricing and group size applies with half and full day options.

Get your group on TRAC with Woldumar Nature Centers Teambuilding Ropes & Activity Course

  • TRAC programs are Woldumars group challenge series. TRAC programs are led by experienced facilitators who engage participants in age appropriate activities. Participants solve scenario based obstacles through challenges, games, and low ropes initiatives requiring teamwork and strategy. Learn problem solving through communication, cooperation, and sheer determination. Debriefings focus on life application.
  • TRAC can be modified for businesses, sports teams, schools, families, scouts, church groups, and private parties.
  • TRAC helps groups understand the importance of planning, cooperation, and communication.
  • TRAC helps build trust and comradery within a group and places value on individual contributions as an essential element to teamwork.
  • To maximize the value of your TRAC experience, 10 to 16 participants per group are recommended. Groups with more than 16 participants can be accommodated.
  • TRAC is designed for participants 10 years old or above.
  • TRAC programs can be scheduled for full or half day sessions.

Available TRAC Programs

Select from the following programs.


A variety of low risk challenges and games develop effective group skills such as communication and cooperation. GBAs take place inside or outside and challenges individuals, encourages social development, and effective teamwork. May be paired with Ropes Activity Course.

Length: Full or Half day

Low perceived risk, group challenge

Grade/Age: recommended 3rd grade to adult


This teambuilding area consists of several challenge activities constructed of cables or rope and wood. Participants are spotters for each other as they cheer on, support, or lift the individuals or pairs who are completing the challenge. Activities involve balancing, lifting teammates, or swinging on a rope. These activities requires safety instruction and warm-up activities.

Length: Full or Half day

Medium perceived risk, group and partner challenges

Grade/Age: recommended 5th grade to adult


Participants work together to safely lift each participant over a ten foot high wall and onto a platform at the top. The wall requires planning, communication, teamwork, trust, and individual challenge. This activity requires safety instruction in spotting and warm up activities.

Length: Half day

Medium to high perceived risk, group and individual challenge

Grade/Age: recommended Spring 5th grade to adult

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