Swifts in the City


swifts in the cityHave you heard chipping and chattering above your head when youre in an urban downtown area or neighborhood? Have you seen small bats flying during the daytime? Chimney Swifts are unique, cigar-shaped birds that live alongside people in many cities and neighborhoods and are easily confused with bats. They play an important role as natural pest control by consuming thousands of flying insects per day. Sadly, these birds are declining across the country, but you can help!

Join Rachelle Roake from Michigan Audubon to learn about these charming city-loving birds and find out how to help through monitoring and creating habitat. The workshop will include an indoor talk followed by a short carpool to a Chimney Swift roost location to witness the amazing spectacle of roosting behavior. This workshop is great for non-birders and birders alike, newbies to experts.

This program is open to all ages. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear to be outside. We will have the program rain or shine.

Tuesday, September 26, 6-7 PM.

Register for this program athttps://woldumarnaturecenter.wildapricot.org/page-954250

Members $5.00
Non-Members $8.00