Cabin Fever

by Brittney Mulka
Woldumar is a special place to view nature. Most mornings I take a few moments to look out our bird-viewing window, sip coffee, and watch Cardinals and Blue Jays feast on breakfast. There are many bird feeders to choose from, plenty of seed to go around, yet often times they compete for the same one. Lately there has been a subtle change in the bird community. Occasionally I will see a Chipping Sparrow hopping around or a Warbler fluttering about. The migratory birds are coming back and the days are getting longer, which means spring has arrived.
Spring is a wonderful season. Animals come out of hibernation, plants begin to bud, and the weather is unpredictable. Some may suggest the unpredictability of the weather is an annoyance. I think it is an opportunity to see nature for what it is, powerful. There is something else that happens in the spring. I begin to see more and more families enjoying our trails, picnicking in our fields, and relishing a hot cup of cocoa in our visitor center. I also hear the stories of the amazing adventures kids are planning for their spring break.
Woldumars Spring Break Camp is a perfect place for kids to get outside, make friends, laugh and play. Campers wait months for this week of freedom! We will explore the Moon Cabin, hunt for hidden treasure, wriggle around an obstacle course, put on a dramatic play, and be WILD IN THE WOODS! If your child has a serious case of cabin fever, you can count on Woldumar to provide the perfect space for them to learn and play outside.