American Heritage Festival 2016

The day felt like autumn had arrived – cool in the morning, warming as the day progressed. A little sun, a few clouds – a wonderful day for the American Heritage Festival at Woldumar! I took my camera and recorded a little bit of what I saw. The horsedrawn wagon ride is always a favourite…horse-drawn wagon ride

Musicians provided pleasant sounds as I walked through the vendors and displays – it was too early for the advertised music, but obviously some had arrived ahead of time and couldn’t resist getting together informally under the trees.


There was lots to see and learn – the Woldumar blacksmith was making a pair of pliers, a gentleman explained about trapping beaver for the pelts, a woman showed her pottery, and the Moon Log Cabin was a site to learn about early kitchen tools among lots of other cool stuff!blacksmith at work, fur trapper, potter, kitchen tools on display

I even sat in the corner of the herb garden for a few minutes to get a view of history from that perspective. The view of the cabin and proximity to the blacksmith shop gave me a chance to ponder what life would have been like in those days!

view from the herb garden h2410002










And, of course, I can’t visit Woldumar without some time on the trails – there were others I passed (some human and some animals) but the chance to walk in the woods is always relaxing and refreshing.

fellow hikers on trail - ducks on the lagoon - a horse-drawn wagon comes through the woods